UNITED NATIONS Reviews upon Worldwide Mother's Wellness

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India Nigeria: Top Maternal Death Rate Worldwide

Last week’s release of aUnited Nations reporton global maternal health yielded mixed results. An estimated 287,000 women worldwide died due to complications related to pregnancy and childbirth in 2010, a decline of 47 percent from a decade ago. Despite the decline, the report noted that a woman dies of pregnancy-related complications every two minutes, and many of these deaths could be prevented with proven interventions.

The greatest struggles with maternal mortality and morbidity remain in Sub-Saharan Africa and Southern Asia. In fact, while countries like China are showing a steady improvement in their rates (most likely attributed to lower birth rates overall due to the country’s one-child policy), India and Nigeria account for one-third of total maternal deaths world wide. The results of this study indicate that neither India or Nigeria will meet the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) target of reducing maternal deaths by 75 percent from 1990 to 2015. ViaNew York Times&Outlook India.

South Asia: Adolescents Still Seeing High Rates of Child Marriage

A new report released by theJournal of American Medical Associationreveals that while child marriage is becoming less prevalent in South Asia for those under the age of 14, young girls 15 years of age and older are still getting married at the same rate as 20 years ago. Child marriage has d.

omberg School's Department of Population, Family and Reproductive Health.

To conduct the study, Hindin and colleagues modified the priority-setting method of the Child Health and Nutrition Research Initiative to solicit input from nearly 300 experts--researchers, health program managers and donors representing a range of expertise in adolescent sexual and reproductive health from all developing country regions. During a rigorous three-phase process, the team asked the experts to rank health outcome areas in order of importance, formulate research questions within each area and rank the formulated questions in order of priority.

The top-ranking research questions suggest a widespread impression that the definition of the problems affecting adolescents, and the delivery and assessment of specific interventions need to be improved. Many of the top-ranking questions suggest that interest has shifted away from.

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One evening, during the week of the 2001 International Society for STD Research meeting in Berlin, I met with a couple of colleagues for beers after the day’s proceedings. We lamented the the narrow focus of many conferences was on disease and the lack of a broader sexuality framework. “It is time to put sex into STD prevention,” one of my colleagues said. The comment was a bit wistful at the time and I don’t think any of us could have foreseen that a decade later our field would be http://www.sextoysbrand.com/brutal-dildos expressing so much more interest in sexuality and sexual health.

This has been accentuated by the Center for Disease Controls (CDC) recent efforts in developing a sexual health framework signalling an overall shift from disease prevention to health promotion. Credit goes to Dr. John Douglas, the Chief Medical Officer in the National Center for HIV, Hepatitis, STD and TB Prevention, who spearheaded this effort in the past three years and has created a broad coalition of stakeholders across the political and cultural spectrum to endorse a national strategy for sexual health.

Of course, the CDC’s efforts did not arise in a vacuum and there have been a number of developments in the past decade that have fostered a broad-based discussion of sexual health. For me, one of the heralding events in the sexual health sexy girl discourse was Dr. Amy Schalet’s presentation on teen sexuality at the Jacksonville STD Prevention Conference in 2006. I have always been taken by Dr. Schalet’s work – perhaps because as a chauvinist Dutchman (born and raised in Amsterdam) I liked her findings that a more li.

ormer UW graduate student who is now a researcher at the Juan March Institute in Madrid. Men who refuse to help around the house could increase conflict in their marriage and lower their wives' marital satisfaction.

The findings come from a national survey of about 4,500 heterosexual married U.S. couples participating in the National Survey of Families and Households. The data were collected from 1992 to 1994, the most recent large-scale survey available that measured sexual frequency in married couples. Brines says that it is unlikely that the division of housework -- which did not include child care in this study -- and sex have changed much since then.

The researchers found that husbands, average age 46, and wives, average age 44, spent a combined 34 hours a week on traditionally female chores. Couples spent an additional 17 hours a week on chores usually thought of as men's work.

Husbands performed about one-fifth of traditionally female tasks and a little more than half of the male-type work. This suggests that wives help out with men's chores more often than husbands help with female tasks.

Men and women reported having sex about five times, on average, in the month prior to the survey. But the great american challenge dildo marriages in which the wife does all the traditionally female tasks reported having had sex about 1.6 times more per month than those.

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Someone like me is always going to be a tough customer for films like Lets Talk About Sex. Im putting that out there right now because having seen the film, I’m critical about both its delivery and approach, although I very much appreciate its intent,

The film bills itself as taking “a revealing look at how American attitudes towards adolescent sexuality affect today’s teenagers.”

“We live in a society that uses sex to sell everything from lipstick to laptops. Yet fear and silence around sex and sexuality also permeate our culture. Teens are paying a terrible price for this confusion in unintended pregnancy, STDs, and even HIV. And American taxpayers are paying nature 12 inch dildos billions to treat these entirely preventable problems.”

Ultimately, the primary message of the film is that negative outcomes resulting from teen sexuality would be remedied if only parents and other adults would just talk more about sex and sexuality with young people, and do so with more openness; with more facts and less fear.

Working with young people directly both internationally and domestically in sex education for over 10 years, nothing in this film was news to me, and its impossible for me to view the issues brought up as only being about one nation, since I see them worldwide. Because Ive worked with these issues and in this field in such an immersive and broad way for so long, the flaws in a piece like this are bound to be far more glaring to me than its attributes; because doing this work has instilled a high sensitivity and protectiveness on my part for young people and parents alike, and those things are always going to have an impact on how I experience and what I take G-spot away from a piece like this.

The film was produced in collaboration with Advocates for Youth, but I think its important to keep in mind that director James Houston is a fashion and beauty photographer, not a sex educator, nor a parent of teens (from what I can gather) or even someone who (probably) has worked with teens before this outside of the fashion industry. His viewpoints throughout the film make it clear that a lot of what he found out was a shocker to him, while for plenty of us, even people who dont work in this area, little to none of this is big news, so the approach of the film as exposing facts and truths with a constant gasp of surprise may be lost on a lot of viewers.

For parents and adults who honestly dont know they should be talking openly and factually with young people about sex and sexuality or dont know how important that is, and to whom much of what the film explores is news, I think the film could be a good entry point, even with its flaws, and thats no small thing. I think it would be most ideal when viewed by adults AND youth, and discussed together by both (as opposed to being seen as something for adults discussed by adults).

For those just coming to the table, or better still, for those who are parents of or work with very young children who are years away from adolescence, the film provides good reality checks around the inaccuracies in abstinence-only anal beads education from http://www.sextoysbrand.com/anal-toys/anal-beads, some statistical information about health outcomes for young people with sex right now, and scenes which illustrate important and problematic dynamics that often come up in sex education and sexual communication with young people.

For instance, theres a telling scene in which a teacher of exclusively pregnant teens is giving them a lesson on contraception which ultimately is anything but: instead, she insists to this group of pregnant young women that abstinence is the only real way to prevent pregnancy. Theres another scene in which a young woman who took a virginity pledge that her father wanted makes clear that, while he thought it was meaningful for them both, she didnt have any understanding of what she was agreeing to do or not to do.

I think much of what the young people in this film voice—more than the adults—is important for people to see and hear. I also dont think you can miss the intentionality on the part of the filmmaker. While some of how he approaches this is, in my view, limited and in some ways strongly problematic, I think his good intent is clear and meaningful.

The film contains great calls to parents and adults to communicate with young people about sex and sexuality and to do so with more honesty, openness, factual information and a keener sense of reality, rather than their own ideals. Theres an excellent focus on the language often used around sex and sexuality—which I found to be one of the strongest parts of the film—and the impact language laced with fear or shame can have on how people brutal dildos experience, act on, and communicate about sex. The other portions of the film that I thought were very strong, and provided viewpoints less often heard, were those which involved religious leaders who viewed their faith communities as places in need of comprehensive and realistic sex education. I also was glad to see discussion about how sex education and communication about sexuality needs to start well before a time when young people may start to become sexual with others.

I confess, though, that I found more in the film that bothered me or disappointed me, and plenty of moments where it felt like something so-so could have become fantastic if this all hadnt been so brand new to the filmmaker. I think if it hadnt been so new to him the film would .

d cost to have high participation, and how much money -- and how many lives -- it might save.

The target population seems generally very well-disposed to participate in these types of programs at prices which are consistent with other social programs currently in place in Mexico for preventing other health risks, Galárraga said.

Men on the street

To gather the large sampling of data, the researchers recruited and trained young members of Mexico City's gay community in 2008 to present the surveys to their peers in discotheques, metro stations, bars, and streets in the city's red-light district. The interviewers briefly explained that they were conducting a survey about HIV risk behaviors and ways to reduce infection.

Consenting subjects were then given a handheld computer with software that administered the confidential and anonymous 40-minute survey. The intentionally discreet technique, Galárraga said, allowed the survey process to appear as if each subject was simply using a cell phone.

The survey software asked subjects about personal traits, risk behaviors, such as the number of recent sex partners and condom use, and health, and then took them through a bidding sex dolls and bargaining exercise in which they ultimately declared the level of payment they'd accept for participating in either or both of two programs: monthly talks about HIV prevention and STI testing and quarterly check-ins to verify a pledge of remaining STI free.

Monitoring for STIs, Galárraga said, is a proxy for monitoring HIV risk behaviors.

You want to condition on something you can observe, Galárraga said. The ultimate goal is to reduce the number of sex partners and to increase the use of condoms -- to increase safe sex -- but that cannot be observed directly. A reduction in the incidence of STI's is correlated with the ultimate goal.

The data show that there is an optimal price for a conditional cash transfer program. Just for the monthly prevention.

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