Youve heard me joke about not being caught dead with a gigantic purple penis-shaped vibrator. Well, guess what? Now I want to be caught dead with one! The bigger the better. I want a gigantic purple penis-shaped vibrator that will cleave me in two. When it hums away, I want to sing along with it. And I want one thats waterproof.

Playing with vibrators PicoBong TANO can help a woman maintain her sexual health into her twilight years, especially if she doesnt have a partner or has a partner who wont or cant perform for any reason. According to an article I read about the secrets to a long and luscious sex life, one tip is that when a woman doesnt maintain regular vaginal intercourse her muscles will atrophy from lack of use. My lips curled.

And will require a water-based lubricant to insert it. You might also like to apply lubricant to the clitoral pad and your partner's penis too.- Are you using it the right way round?The We-Vibe II does look very similar on both sides but make sure that the correct pads are on the correct body parts! As a quick hint, the button for adult sex toys activating the vibrations should be on your clitoris.- Play with the We-Vibe II on your own before enjoying it with a partner.

Different women have different anatomies, so making sure the vibrating pads sit on both the clitoris and G-spot will take some time and can be a bit of a passion killer!- Make sure the We-Vibe II is fully charged before use. Although it will retain battery life for a long time, to experience the most powerful vibrations you will need to keep it completely charged.- If you find that one of you climaxes quicker brutal dildos than the other, then the We-Vibe will work fabulously for orgasm-building foreplay. Insert it gently in your partner, set the vibrations to their favourite setting and let your hands, lips and tongue explore all their other erogenous zones.- Don't forget to clean your We-Vibe II after use! Using warm soapy water and a lint-free cloth, you can keep your We-Vibe II hygienic and in perfect working order for years..