Material Fetishes Described

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By Jillian Boyd 7 AM.he alarm rings.Somewhere in the house, Radio 5 Live starts to play.I sigh deeply, turning around to grab a hold of my beloved, who despite needing to leave for work does t really seem that keen on it today ll get up too, I think to myself.Drink coffee, eat sammich, get to stepping and work on my new story.Yes, tha s what ll do, and ll do it well.5 AM.The door closes downstairs.My boyfriend has gone off to work.My current state can only be described as still naked, still half asleep.Somewhere, the cat mews.0 AM.I wake up and drag myself to my computer, first opening everything else in the world before I realize that reading my Twitter feed and catching up on what Stephen Fry had for breakfast (I do t even follow him which is a crime, I know) is t going to get 1000 words down on the page. close down and get to work you know what This repeats itself every single day.In various forms, mind, but i s a pattern I ca t really get rid of. d like to be the.

ing scribe or similar pointed object Something to tie your dildo down such as string or ribbon - 6 metres (or however much you’l need to tie your dildo down to your chosen chair).A protractorStep-by-step instructions for how to strap a dildo to a chair: Turn your dildo upside down and use your protractor to mark points at every 90 degrees.In clock language, this is 12 o’lock, 3 o’lock, 6 o’lock and 9 o’lock.Make your marks 2cm away from the edge of the base.Take your scribe and use it to puncture through the marks you’e made, creating four holes.Cut your string or ribbon into four 1.m lengths.Place the end of a length of string or ribbon over the hole and use the scribe to push it through the hole.Pull the string through so that the length hangs on the underside of the dildo.Knot the string on.

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