Morbidia is known as the 'Vampire Queen' and lives her days as a true-to-life vampire and internet hottie.From the history of vampires to the media's sometimes unusual portrayal of these creatures of the night, there isn't much that jo h2o Morbidia doesn't know about the subject of all things gothic! In her blog, Der Kuss Des Vampir, the lovely lady covers everything from long distance love to domination, from Nosferatu to lingerie.So, with the Twilight books still flying off the shelves and the arrival of the brilliant new Tantus Vamp Silicone Dildo, we thought we'd get in touch with the Queen of Darkness to get the low down on why we find vampires just so damn sexy...

I lay in my bed; it must be coming up to 1am by now.Halfway between the land of the living and being dead to the world, I feel a presence above me lover, an essence of a being, one that’s not warm blooded.I can feel the cold emanating from their very skin. Before I am able to defend myself, I feel a sharp pain, a bite to the neck and a surge of lust and hunger for this being that’s gaining life from the very blood that runs through my veins; Vampire.These beautiful beings have always been of great fascination to me, since as long as I can remember.I grew up watching such appetising examples of Vampires as Brad Pitt in the role bondage sex of Louis in the film version of Anne Rice’s Interview With The Vampire and, as I reached my teens, these creatures of the night became a part of my most intense sexual fantasies.At this time in my life, this desire was indeed quite a difficult one .

Extremely liberal and have always discussed sex, relationships and life in frank and unembarrassed terms, however I know for a fact that they wouldnt have bought me a vibrator when I was 18. Not because they disapproved of them or with my exploration of sexuality but because itsicky. I dont want to be getting off using something that my Mum has carefully picked for me. It will always have that association and quite frankly, that would be the end of the toy getting used.?Were close, we share most things, but I have no desire for her to know anything about my sex life and I know for a fact that she feels the same way.

Dont get me wrong, I applaud the sentiment sex toys. Sex education in Britain (at least when I was at school) is woefully?inadequate in the sense that were all taught about disease and pregnancy and contraception but all with a thin veil of Sex is dangerous. You WILL get diseases i.

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When the novelty of the evening wears off for Amy and she wants to go home, trying to find her husband in a sea of masked people turns out to be a chalenge.